correct me if i wrong :

no access token yet :
- request token
- redirect to 
the token as parameter
- users allow application to access their twitter
- users get pin
- users enter pin on j2me application
- application try to get access token with pin (oauth_verifier)
- application store the access token on device database

has access token :
- application get the access token from device database
- application user the token to access twitter

is like that ?

2009/12/1 Josh Roesslein <>

> Responses to questions below. Hope it helps.
> Josh
> >> should i get request token everytime user want to login ?
> You must fetch a request token when ever you begin a new OAuth handshake.
> You need this to build the authorization redirect url which sends the user
> to
> twitter to authorize your application.
> >> should user enter pin code everytime ?
> The user must provide you with the PIN code if you are not using callback
> URLs.
> This being a j2me application, you will probably just be using the PIN
> method, so
> you don't need to worry about callbacks for now.
> >> should i get access token everytime ?
> No. Once the user has authorized you just re-use the access token. The only
> time
> you need to re-do the handshake is if the access token gets revoked.
> >> if no, how to authenticate user ? should i save the access token on my
> >> database ?
> You wil want to probably store the access token on the device. So when
> ever you application
> accesses twitter look to see if you have an access token. If not do
> the OAuth handshake.

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