Instead of polling 5040(!) times an hour, you should be using the
Streaming API track?follow= feature to receive statuses from a set of

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Dec 2, 2:07 am, Rebelj12a <> wrote:
> I currently have a twitter app which uses a php script to get the XML/
> RSS feed from a twitter profile and reads the .responseXML so that it
> can be placed and updated every 5 seconds, it cycles and does this for
> 7 different feeds based on form input
> is there a limit to how frequently this is allowed? because i can get
> the app to work sometimes, and not other times... i have been getting
> a
> [null] from the responseXML after a successful run for a little
> while...
> any help would be appreciated

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