Hi Dean,

Thanks for the heads-up.  Right now I'm hooking up with a group of
Ruby on Rails programmers, so I don't sense any further need for mass
un-follow.  But I bet, in the future I'll hook up with some other
interest group and lose interest subsequently,  so that mass un-follow
will come in handy.  At that time, your cautionary note may come in

Many thanks,

On Dec 5, 11:37 am, "Dean Collins" <d...@cognation.net> wrote:
> www.MyPostButler.com<http://www.mypostbutler.com/>  allows you to
> unfollow people easily however if you delete more than 100 a
> day....Twitter could ban your account.
> Cheers,
> Dean
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> Subject: Re: [twitter-dev] Wrong default for setting start-up list to
> follow - how to undo "follow all"
> You can usehttp://dossy.org/twitter/karma/to mass unfollow everybody.
> On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 19:39, RichardOnRails
> <richarddummymailbox58...@uscomputergurus.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just set up a new Twitter account.  When it came to choose people to
> follow,  I didn't want to follow any of the listed people, so clicked
> OK, Next or whatever.  To my dismay,  I found apparently all of the
> ones previously offered were attached to my nascent account.
> Moreover, "un-following" them is a slow and not always successful
> process.
> I started to delete my account but that process invited me to look
> around the site to see whether my issue had been addressed.  I found
> nothing relevant beyond a link to this list.  So ...
> 1. Recommendation:  Make the default none of the listed items.
> Perhaps add a button captioned "How to select people to follow".
> 2. Recommendation: Add a button captioned "Empty my list of people to
> follow". (That would have solve my problem, today.)
> 3. Question.  Will deleting my account and recreating it with the same
> user-name solve my problem?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Richard
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