I just set up a new Twitter account.  When it came to choose people to
follow,  I didn't want to follow any of the listed people, so clicked
OK, Next or whatever.  To my dismay,  I found apparently all of the
ones previously offered were attached to my nascent account.

Moreover, "un-following" them is a slow and not always successful

I started to delete my account but that process invited me to look
around the site to see whether my issue had been addressed.  I found
nothing relevant beyond a link to this list.  So ...

1. Recommendation:  Make the default none of the listed items.
Perhaps add a button captioned "How to select people to follow".

2. Recommendation: Add a button captioned "Empty my list of people to
follow". (That would have solve my problem, today.)

3. Question.  Will deleting my account and recreating it with the same
user-name solve my problem?

Thanks in Advance,

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