On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 10:00:30PM -0800, Michael Steuer wrote:
> Are any of you aware of a photo service that allows picture uploads from 
> my oauth based Twitter client? The Api for all the usual suspects  
> (twitpic, yfrog, tweetphoto, etc) requires  passing of the user's  
> Twitter username and password, but being an oauth client, I don't have  
> the user's password available to me. How are other oauth based clients  
> dealing with this? It seems my only option is building my own, but I'd  
> rather hook into an existing service.

You're going to have to roll your own, I expect.  The Twitter API
doesn't currently support OAuth delegation, so a user wanting to use
your site to upload a photo to one third-party site and tweet about it
would have to authenticate twice, once from your site to the photo site
(to do the upload) and a second time from your site to Twitter (to send
the tweet, since it's not possible for the photo site to use the
credentials from their login on your site to tweet on their behalf).

Offhand, I do know of one site which takes OAuth logins and accepts
photo uploads, but:
a) It's a fishing niche site, so non-fishing photos wouldn't be entirely
   welcome there,
b) it does not provide an API, OAuth-based or otherwise, and
c) I had to write it myself.

Dave Sherohman

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