If you mean the since_id parameter, I just tried it for a few queries
and it worked as expected. Do you have examples of a query that
returns older tweets? Just curious.


On Dec 6, 4:30 pm, "ESPR!T" <w...@espr.it> wrote:
> Hi, I have used the search for tweets newer then some tweet id (cron
> job accessing the search and getting all tweets containing some word
> which id is more then previous one) but looks like it doesn't work for
> me correctly anymore. I have modified my application a little week ago
> but I didn't touched the functionality around the search.
> Basically now I am getting also some older tweets in search result
> again and again (I am storing all the searched tweet in my db so I can
> see that the tweet is being found again even if the max id is higher).
> Any1 has the same problem (maybe something changed in API in last 3-5
> days) or is the problem really on my side?
> Thanks

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