Do a cURL request to and see what address
your request is coming from.

On Dec 8, 2:13 pm, Jesse Bunch <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am on a shared web hosting space, but my domain has a dedicated IP
> on the server. Am I correct in saying that the twitter API sees the
> dedicated IP address instead of the shared IP address that the server
> has? I have been trying very hard to get a twitter API script running
> but I get nothing but blank responses from twitter. This makes me
> think that my IP has been blacklisted which makes sense if its seeing
> the shared IP address that some spammer used to screw things up for
> me. I have submitted my dedicated IP to twitter for whitelisting and
> they did approve my request, but nothing has changed. Still a blank
> response via cURL in PHP. This is a bit frustrating so any advice you
> can give me would be much appreciated.
> Jesse Bunch
> Pixelated

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