Ok, thanks for the info.  We have people working on this.

On Dec 9, 3:51 pm, Howard Siegel <hsie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been getting errant SMS messages from Twitter for a few days, though I
> have not received any today (as yet).  I have turned on SMS only for DMs and
> none of these were DMs to me.  I have not yet actually verified that I am
> following all of the folks from whom I've gotten the errant SMSes though.
> - h
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 15:02, Kee Hinckley <naz...@somewhere.com> wrote:
> > I am receiving spurious SMS notifications for tweets sent by people I am
> > following, but do not have notifications turned on for. These are *not*
> > retweets, I've even asked a couple of the original senders to check and see
> > if the item had been retweeted, and the answer was no. Furthermore, I only
> > have my account (@nazgul) set to receive text messages for about four users,
> > and none of them retweeted these messages. Possibly related, I have a friend
> > who turned off *all* phone notifications over a day ago, and is still
> > getting random new text messages from people she follows but didn't set to
> > send her notificationqs.
> > Examples:
> > I confirmed that these were not retweeted by anyone for whom I get
> > notifications (or in one case, by anyone at all).
> >http://twitter.com/stevegarfield/status/6463021810
> >http://twitter.com/daddyclaxton/status/6463935419
> > Others I haven't had a chance to investigate, but which it seems highly
> > unlikely were retweeted by anyone who sends me notifications.
> >http://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/6500306267
> >http://twitter.com/stoweboyd/status/6497224194

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