Hi all,

I have switched the retweeting style of my app from using the RT @user
text pattern to the new retweet API. If a logged in user on
groovytweets.org now hits the green retweet buttons, it will fire off
a retweet via the API. Unfortunately, the retweeted messages do not
show up in that user's followers Home Timeline (the people following
that user should get the retweet).

>From an API perspective, the request (via Twitter4J) is sent off and
returns normally, no error in sight. The API method used is
http://twitter.com/statuses/retweet and the statusId of the status who
should be retweeted is sent wiht the requuest.

Now if I understand the new home timeline correctly, this *might* not
be an issue, in the following case:
- if another user already had retweeted that status, it might have
shown up in the follower's home time line earlier, meaning when I look
onto the time line it might not be at the top.

Is that understanding correct? I think retweeted statuses who already
had been retweeted and 'received' by that user will not show up at the
top again. Instead, the UI of twitter.com just adds the new retweeting
user to the list of retweeted by.... for that status. This is of
course potentially down in the stream of tweets, so the user might
never see it (again).

Or there is a bug :-) Either on my side or with twitter.

What do you think?


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