There is a bug logged for this in the issue tracker. I can't get it
working with _method=DELETE either.

On Nov 26, 9:48 pm, Wilfred yau <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> When I call _method= DELETE in List API, I got 401 Unauthorized from
> After I read the document of OAuth, it mention that "_" is no need to
> encode so it may be a another problem.
> I have try when I using other parameter include "_" like
> "a_method=DELETE" is work well and return 200 OK,
> So, I wound it is the problem in server side?? I can't develop  in my
> twitter Client using Flex  in FireFox more since this problem ,can any
> twitter support team member help me to find out what is the problem??
> or any people can success use _method as parameter in Oauth can
> provide solution for me??
> Thanks.
> Wilfred

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