I'm one of the software developers behind Twitbit, an iPhone Twitter
application (http://twitbitapp.com). We were the first full-featured
iPhone Twitter client to support push notifications because we've felt
from the beginning that being notified of relevant tweets and DMs "in
the background" was an important part of the Twitter experience,
especially on a mobile device.

Our current server implementation polls Twitter periodically on the
user's behalf for mentions and direct messages. If a new one is found,
a notification is sent to the user's phone.

While this solution works reasonably well, we'd like to be able to
push messages to our users in real-time. We've been interested in the
streaming API, but it appears it could only solve part of our problem,
namely notifying users when they've been mentioned publicly. In order
to keep all of our current functionality, we'd need to maintain the
current polling solution to send notifications for users who protect
their tweets and for direct messages.

I'd like to know if there are any plans to either:

- Provide some facility for accessing private data through the
streaming API, or
- Provide some other mechanism for applications like ours to gain real-
time access to this private data.

Of course, all of this would be moot if Apple would provide a
mechanism for running background processes, but they don't so here we

Thanks in advance.


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