well, the ? right after the / is no problem on your site. this is a
link sent from joomla. i use url-rewriting to shorten the url and
didn't activate to append 'topic.html' after the last / so far. so the
url i mentioned would look something like
when developement is done. but this does not reference the main
problem. i used to send every possible kind of urls and only the
urlencoded(url) was received in its full length by twitter. all none-
urlencoded strings like the mentioned above end up after value1 and
look like http://www.domain.xy/category/this-is-a-topic.html?key1=value1
. so the rest '&key2=value2&key3=value3' is getting lost even if the
whole string is less than 140 chars long. i have no idea about that.

regards, tinobee

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