> The web ui for “local trends near you” asks users to select a
> geographic area.  Is this solely a web UI thing or will this location
> be available in a user’s profile?  If it’s in a user’s profile, would
> it be a WOEID, something under the existing <location> element or
> something else entirely?

"soon" we will be presenting, through the API, on the <user> object, what
location the user has selected as his or her local trend place.  it will
probably be presented both as a WOEID, and a link to the trends API call you
can make to get that user's selected trends.

> Ever consider allowing "woeid"s to be used anywhere where a latitude/
> longitude pair could be used? From the draft documentation it appears
> that WOEIDs are solely used in trends, and only as a parameter for
> trends/location, but not trends/available for example, nor in geocoded
> searches.

trends/available (
returns WOEIDs as the list of places that twitter has trends for.  you are
correct, however, in that you cannot issue a search using a WOEID on the
search API.

to make your life a bit easier, trends/available can optionally take a
latitude and a longitude, and then it will sort all the available trends
locations by distance from the given point.

> Local Trends appear to be rolling out through the web UI, any sense on
> when the API end points will open up?

as users get access to them through the web UI, the user also gets access to
the API.  we're racing towards getting all users access to the local

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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