On 1/27/2010 10:02 AM, DenisioDelBoro wrote:
First of all, there is only one form of spam - it's *unsolicited*
messages sent massively.
Second of all, tell me, please, in what way creating, let's say, 100
accounts just for tweeting weather forecasts for different cities is a
spam? I'm not talking about mentioning there random nicknames or
something like that to get new followers, of course. Just pure
forecast, without any links.
Third of all, why do you think those RSS feeds will be useless? Maybe
it's more convenient for some users to get updates with Twitter than
with Google Reader.

1. Pure forecasts could be handled by one account sending out multiple forecasts coded for a particular area though hashtags. You would probably have to whitelist your ip, but then again you would have to do the same if you were mass creating accounts just for each to forecast one city or area 2. An invited e-mail can quickly turn into an uninvited e-mail, and that goes the same for spam. And you are ignoring the strain that those accounts place on the Twitter servers themselves. 3. RSS feeds are not useless, but there is a time and a place. You sound to me like a guy who only has a hammer in his toolbox and is looking for a nail. Rather than trying to cram everything into Twitter you should be looking for the proper way to integrate it into your services.

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