Are you storing this information in db? If it is so, then you need
to paginate it in your program.

You  can also use caching mechanism to store the
information as array and paginate them while displaying.

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On Feb 1, 8:00 am, Triggerman72 <> wrote:
> Sorry...but could not find the answer by searching this group. I'm
> sure this has already been answered but...
> I need to get a list of followers for a feature at
> called "qwollow"
> It seems by the api docs, that if I'm doing that via statuses/
> followers, and even if I use the cursor, I still get a list of 100
> followers. I'd prefer to get only <20 (like twitter itself does),
> because I'm doing a test on each follower as it is shown, slowing down
> the page load. Also, displaying 100 followers is information overload
> imo. Is there a trick to only return 10-20 followers at a time?
> Thanks

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