On Feb 1, 12:24 pm, dark_man <lgokl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you storing this information in db? If it is so, then you need
> to paginate it in your program.
> You  can also use caching mechanism to store the
> information as array and paginate them while displaying.
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> On Feb 1, 8:00 am, Triggerman72 <gemar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Sorry...but could not find the answer by searching this group. I'm
> > sure this has already been answered but...
> > I need to get a list of followers for a feature atchirplace.com
> > called "qwollow"
> > It seems by the api docs, that if I'm doing that via statuses/
> > followers, and even if I use the cursor, I still get a list of 100
> > followers. I'd prefer to get only <20 (like twitter itself does),
> > because I'm doing a test on each follower as it is shown, slowing down
> > the page load. Also, displaying 100 followers is information overload
> > imo. Is there a trick to only return 10-20 followers at a time?
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Seems I'll need to do the latter, as I do not use a db. Its really not
a huge problem, I suppose. However, it would be beneficial if the
follower/statuses had the same paging mechanism as timeline status
methods do. Especially since twitter itself only shows 20 followers at
a time (and does a full page refresh to move to the next page of

Thanks for your help Lalit.

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