Right now, the "ad" in the sidebar on the right-hand side of
Twitter.com is invariably: i) a micro, community, or feel-good sort of
app, ii) a mega-app that most people already know about, that has VC,
connections to Twitter folks directly, or a good PR firm.

This leaves many non-Bay Area (or medium-sized) apps out in the cold.

So... can Twitter stop anointing the top dogs in such a willy-nilly

Instead of this annoyingly vague "editor's choice" language about the
selections, can you either set-up a transparent process whereby apps
can be submitted, voted on, whatever... or just convert the whole
thing to paid ads?

It's incredibly frustrating to see sub-par apps like wefollow.com
promoted just because its founder is buddy-buddy with Twitter folks.
Or for other well-known apps get their "version 2" promoted just
because, well, it's version 2 and it's well-known.

The choices you guys make have significant repercussions.  And it's
increasingly frustrating to find you guys focusing more and more on
market leaders.  While I suppose that may make sense from your
perspective, it deprives smaller apps of their ability to compete, and
it ultimately stifles competition.

It would be far easier if we were allowed SOME VOICE by converting the
whole thing to paid ads, and letting us buy at least SOME space.

(Or why not just list ALL apps, and weight their presence by, e.g.,
click-thrus, votes, etc.)

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