A bit of a tangent, but I would at least like a way to see what apps a
given user has.  It would be great as an API method, but would even be
fine if it's just access to a page like http://twitter.com/oauth that
you can get when you are logged into Twitter...as it is currently,
there is no easy way to discover apps directly via Twitter (that I
know of)...and while systems like oneforty are great, they rely on
manual additions and are nowhere near a complete listing of what's out
there (and there's no easy way to get a quick listing of who's built
what that I know of)...

Given all the other things going on, it's a low priority nice-to-have
on my list, but since the topic was brought up, I thought I would add
my two cents ;-)


- Kevin

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:00 AM, PJB <pjbmancun...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Right now, the "ad" in the sidebar on the right-hand side of
> Twitter.com is invariably: i) a micro, community, or feel-good sort of
> app, ii) a mega-app that most people already know about, that has VC,
> connections to Twitter folks directly, or a good PR firm.
> This leaves many non-Bay Area (or medium-sized) apps out in the cold.
> So... can Twitter stop anointing the top dogs in such a willy-nilly
> fashion?
> Instead of this annoyingly vague "editor's choice" language about the
> selections, can you either set-up a transparent process whereby apps
> can be submitted, voted on, whatever... or just convert the whole
> thing to paid ads?
> It's incredibly frustrating to see sub-par apps like wefollow.com
> promoted just because its founder is buddy-buddy with Twitter folks.
> Or for other well-known apps get their "version 2" promoted just
> because, well, it's version 2 and it's well-known.
> The choices you guys make have significant repercussions.  And it's
> increasingly frustrating to find you guys focusing more and more on
> market leaders.  While I suppose that may make sense from your
> perspective, it deprives smaller apps of their ability to compete, and
> it ultimately stifles competition.
> It would be far easier if we were allowed SOME VOICE by converting the
> whole thing to paid ads, and letting us buy at least SOME space.
> (Or why not just list ALL apps, and weight their presence by, e.g.,
> click-thrus, votes, etc.)

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