> > we do, however, have this pagehttp://
> apiwiki.twitter.com/Counting-Charactersthat we put up a month ago
> > that explains how to count your characters correctly and to help define
> what
> > twitter means by "140".
> But can't you at least update the official API docs (where developers
> look for the final word on things)?
> Not doing so is just another way you show that you have no respect for
> third-party developers, essentially telling them to get lost.

where would you like me to put that information?  its linked off the
http://apiwiki.twitter.com/FAQ page since we wrote it?  proactively, i'm
changing the "statuses over 140 characters" on the status/update page to
link to that page as well.

> You don't have to have respect for third-party developers -- it's your
> site and you can do as you like -- but common sense should tell you
> that it behooves you to at least *try* to hide your contempt.

i'm not going to bother responding to this one, except to say that i'm at
home, stuck in bed with a nasty cold, and i'm still monitoring the mailing
list to see if i can help developers out :P

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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