Buttons *NOT* clickable on BlackBerry Bold Browser (OS4.6).
Have tried with and without Javascript enabled.

Can provide headers etc if needed.

Thanks for this update - it looks amazing.  Should really ramp up
security & usability.

On Feb 3, 11:16 pm, Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> An update has just gone live that fixes rendering of the OAuth screens for
> most mobile devices. We also fixed a few small nagging things like the
> default action is now "allow" instead of deny if you just hit "go" on an
> iPhone. I've attached two screenshots so you can see the updated screens.
> Please test it out with your various mobile web apps and let us know if you
> run into any problems or edge cases.
> Ryan
>  IMG_0739.png
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>  IMG_0738.png
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