And for QA, if you're not able to procure each commercially available handset, check out Or if you prefer to outsource, hit me up off list, I can give you a list of reputable mobile QA houses.

On Feb 6, 2010, at 7:40 AM, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:


Don't know if it will fit in with your architecture, but maybe this
service could be of use to you:

On Feb 6, 12:39 am, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
Ill talk with the team and figure out if it's better to roll it back or just
limit it to the known, working user agents

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 3:42 PM, CharlesW <> wrote:
That's an amazingly great recommendation, Michael.

-- Charles

On Feb 5, 9:22 am, Michael Steuer <> wrote:
In fact, I'd recommend that you only show the new version for devices you have actually tested against... Mobile browser support is a crap shoot
you really can't assume that something that works on one device, works on another... You need to test each and every one of them (or at least each family of devices, e.g. Series 60 4th Gen, Series 60 5th Gen, iPhone OS, Motorola V3 series, etc.) I've been in mobile development for 15 years...
Let me know if you need some pointers off list... Happy to assist.

On 2/5/10 8:40 AM, "CharlesW" <> wrote:> Ryan,

Thanks for both the attempted fix and the announcement.

Unfortunately, where the previous version was kind of a crapshoot for mobile users because the buttons appeared black (see my screenshot in
the bug report athttp://,
this new version doesn't work at all on many mobile browsers.

Because this breaks mobile Twitter support completely for many (most?
all?) phones using older browsers, can you please revert to the
previous version, and then stage a new version somewhere else that we
can help you test?

-- Charles

On Feb 3, 3:16 pm, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:

An update has just gone live that fixes rendering of the OAuth screens
most mobile devices. We also fixed a few small nagging things like the default action is now "allow" instead of deny if you just hit "go" on
iPhone. I've attached two screenshots so you can see the updated

Please test it out with your various mobile web apps and let us know
if you
run into any problems or edge cases.




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