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On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 11:13 AM, hernangarcia<hernan.gar...@gmail.com>  wrote:
Hey man, good morning.

If you are developing a web app, OAUTH is the way to go.

I am using Twitter4J but for sure oauth-python-twitter has methods to
do the same, this is what I do:

after investigating a little more it seems python-twitter is kind of

tweepy on the other hand support everything I need. it even has some
nice example apps for the workflow.

1) Generate the authorization url using the twitter account of the app

2) I redirect the user to that URL which is twitter login form

3) Twitter redirects the user to a callback url I set up in the app
account with the authentication tokens

4) I store those auth token in a DB where I also have the user profile

So far so good.

5) Whenever I want to communicate with Twitter I retrieve those tokens
from the storage and use them.

This is where I get confused. Do you get one auth token per user and
you have to link those to their profile? If I want to implement a
"remember me" type of thing will I just pick the username check
against the tokens storage and call the twitter API to see if he is a
valid user?

Can users have multiple accounts associated with an IP address?

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