both of those are samples -- the streaming API is a sample and the search
API does not return all tweets (not all tweets are indexed by search).
these are the best two options for getting a sample of all the retweets,

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 11:11 AM, TimeSnag <> wrote:

> Thanks for the advice.  I switched over to streaming and am getting
> about 25-30 tweets/sec that contain 'rt'.
> Based on main website search, I estimate there are about 45-50 tweets/
> sec that contain 'rt'.
> So, I am only getting about 50% of the actual tweets.  If I applied
> for the retweet streaming api, would that give me a higher percentage
> of the retweets?  Or is there another way to increase that percentage?
> Thanks for your help.

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team

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