Hey guys,

I was wondering if twitter has any plans to offer a global URL to each
user's profile pic? This would be very handy for third party apps
built on top of Twitter. Grabbing the profile_image_url which links
directly to the S3 URL, is susceptible to change and requires a lot of
effort on the dev's part to make sure its always up to date and

Consider something like gravatar.com, but for twitter users. There is
the the http://tweetimag.es service, which works great, but for
something so close to the infrastructure I feel this type of service
should be built and supported by twitter itself.

I think tweetimag.es has nailed the API as in:

ie. Hopefully something like:


if twitter continue's to use S3, it would be very simple to setup a
CNAME for twimg.com that points to an S3 bucket and each reference to
a username's profile can be down-cased and append the _SIZE. Simple.

Should take about a single day to implement this :)



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