Like a n00b, I didn't include the id of my app in my original support
request (I hadn't registered it since I wasn't using oAuth previously) and
so it looks like I've missed the initial boat :( Got a message back asking
for my app id so I registered Feathers and got back to the ticket but
apparently the Twitter helpdesk/zendesk is down
(<>) so
not sure if my ticket was updated.

Would really appreciate it if anyone can look into the ticket (Ticket
#863920 <>)

Thanks :)


On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 6:47 AM, Isaiah Carew <> wrote:

> So, I received the xAuth green light.  Yeah!!!
> Unfortunately, the email was not very detailed about which app was enabled
> (I have 3).  (and for the record I was very detailed in my request about
> which one I was requesting access for).
> <snip>

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