Try passing in nil as the token.  The access token request should be similar to 
how you used to perform the request token request.

The best explanation (and they one that helped me) is from Steve Reynolds:


On Mar 1, 2010, at 1:26 PM, Berto wrote:

> Hey Isaiah,
> What do you mean by "default token"?  I'm working on getting xAuth
> implemented, but I seem to get a 401 even though I received an email I
> was approved.  I've tried using a token I get from request_token
> (which from your reply, doesn't seem like I need to be doing) and not
> passing a token at all.
> On Feb 27, 1:45 pm, Isaiah Carew <> wrote:
>> i did manage to get xauth working this morning thanks to @SteveReynolds.  
>> the big epiphany (Steve's, not mine) was that there is no token exchange at 
>> all.  in fact you don't even seem to need to acquire a request token ever.  
>> you simply jump directly to the auth token request and pass in your default 
>> token.
>> it seems to make sense to me now, it was just a leap that i didn't make on 
>> my own.
>> i just thought i'd post this in case anyone else out there is stuck too.
>> when it's a bit more cleaned up, i'll post my results to github.
>> isaiah
>> On Feb 27, 2010, at 9:37 AM, Aral Balkan wrote:
>>> Like a n00b, I didn't include the id of my app in my original support 
>>> request (I hadn't registered it since I wasn't using oAuth previously) and 
>>> so it looks like I've missed the initial boat :( Got a message back asking 
>>> for my app id so I registered Feathers and got back to the ticket but 
>>> apparently the Twitter helpdesk/zendesk is down ( 
>>> so not sure if my ticket was updated.
>>> Would really appreciate it if anyone can look into the ticket (Ticket 
>>> #863920)
>>> Thanks :)
>>> Aral
>>> On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 6:47 AM, Isaiah Carew <> wrote:
>>> So, I received the xAuth green light.  Yeah!!!
>>> Unfortunately, the email was not very detailed about which app was enabled 
>>> (I have 3).  (and for the record I was very detailed in my request about 
>>> which one I was requesting access for).
>>> <snip>

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