Hi, I'm still having an issue from a couple of weeks ago.
I am writing an app that searches for your LinkedIn contacts' names on
Twitter, paginated to only 10 per page, and there are 10 Twitter API
calls per page.

I am whitelisted, and am printing out the rate limit left after each
call, and it says Exceeded after only 70 calls.

Here is the output starting from scratch after several hours of

how2startup Rate Limit Left: 20000
how2startup Rate Limit Left: 19999
how2startup Rate Limit Left: 19931
how2startup Rate Limit Left: 19930
/1/users/search.xml?q=John Rate limit exceeded.

As you can see, everything is proceeding normally but out of the blue
I'm blocked after just 70 calls.

Ok here is the really strange part. I can *still* make calls to
*other* authenticated methods.
e.g. calls to direct_messages after this work just fine. Just not

Is there a much lower limit to users/search, even for whitelisted
apps? I do not see this at all in the documentation.

Thanks for any guidance!


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