hi roy.

i just added a note to 
that states that this endpoint is limited to 60 calls per hour.  hope
that helps!

On Mar 18, 4:14 am, Roy Rodenstein <roy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm still having an issue from a couple of weeks ago.
> I am writing an app that searches for your LinkedIn contacts' names on
> Twitter, paginated to only 10 per page, and there are 10 Twitter API
> calls per page.
> I am whitelisted, and am printing out the rate limit left after each
> call, and it says Exceeded after only 70 calls.
> Here is the output starting from scratch after several hours of
> inactivity:
> how2startup Rate Limit Left: 20000
> how2startup Rate Limit Left: 19999
> ...
> how2startup Rate Limit Left: 19931
> how2startup Rate Limit Left: 19930
> /1/users/search.xml?q=John Rate limit exceeded.
> As you can see, everything is proceeding normally but out of the blue
> I'm blocked after just 70 calls.
> Ok here is the really strange part. I can *still* make calls to
> *other* authenticated methods.
> e.g. calls to direct_messages after this work just fine. Just not
> users/search.
> Is there a much lower limit to users/search, even for whitelisted
> apps? I do not see this at all in the documentation.
> Thanks for any guidance!
> Best,
> Roy

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