Another idea we came up with would be sort of like an Artificial
Intelligence Twitter account. Anyone can ask it a question. Keywords
are extracted from that question, and the Twitter account replies back
with a pre-defined @reply message. Would this idea conflict with the
twitter terms of use?

On Mar 19, 1:01 pm, TheN2S <> wrote:
> John,
> Thanks for pointing that out! I will have a chat with my team and see
> how we can avoid this conflict.
> We do have another simple project that we want to get off its feet!
> Lets say we premiere an exclusive new song on our site. However to get
> to the song, users must login through twitter/facebook. While they
> login they are automatically set to follow @ouraccount and it
> automatically posts a status update on their account "Currently
> checking out the brand new song for Sinatra!";. Once
> that is done, the user is forwarded to the appropriate page that they
> originally intended to. If they don't sign in, they miss out on the
> release. This doesnt seem to be going against any terms of service...
> right?
> Once again, contact us if you are able to complete this 
> project:
> (all css/html is handled by us. We simply need the motor to power up
> the project. We take care of all the aesthetics.)
> On Mar 19, 9:27 am, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> > This sounds a lot like @reply 
> > spam:
> > If you are replying to followers, maybe that's OK, and maybe it isn't. But,
> > if you are @replying to everyone, you will be suspended.
> > -John Kalucki
> > Infrastructure, Twitter Inc.
> > On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 8:26 PM, TheN2S <> wrote:
> > > I am looking for a twitter developer that is able to use the API to
> > > respond back to tweets containing a specific quote. Lets say for
> > > example an artist YXZ has just done a rendition of "New York" by Frank
> > > Sinatra. We want to @reply every user that mentions "York" & "Sinatra"
> > > in their tweet with a customized reply such as "I see you like
> > > Sinatra's original New York song.. but have you checked out ZYX's new
> > > version?" It's a simple concept, and it has been done already.
> > > Please also be aware that twitter has an API limit that we don't want
> > > to disturb.
> > > We are in need of a developer to move this project forward. Please
> > > contact us back using this form:
> > > Thanks! (=
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