the twitter streaming api docs say "Parsers must be tolerant of
occasional extra newline characters placed between statuses. These
characters are placed as periodic "keep-alive" messages, should the
stream of statuses temporarily pause. These keep-alives allow clients
and NAT firewalls to determine that the connection is indeed still
valid during low volume periods."

that's all well and good, but I'd like some clarification on some
behavior I'm seeing. I never see newlines come through alone... rather
I always see CRLF (carriage return + linefeed; adjacent) pairs (two
chars) come through on 30 second intervals to "keep-alive."

as a result, I've built my parser to consider the combination CRLF as
the heartbeat. should I be doing this, or am I missing something along
the way in which I should truly only ever be looking for LFs?

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