When geolocation was first introduced we launched an app that was a
very simple mashup of Google maps and Twitter, enabling users to
attach a location of their choosing - not necessarily their actual
location - to a tweet. The much-discussed privacy concerns of
geolocation were not relevant to this application, which we made first
of all for our own use - to geotag new, location-specific content from
our website. Anyway, it seemed at the time that only users tweeting
from GPS-enabled phones had to worry about revealing their true

The other day, when map pins and cute little maps began to appear with
our tweets, we thought that was very cool indeed and we began thinking
again about promoting this app. (Oddly, the geodata only shows when we
are logged in - maybe that will change..?)

In order for a user to geo-tweet using our app, they needed to have
"Enable geotagging" checked in their settings. This has since been
changed to "Add a location to your tweets". On a support page dated 12
November 2009 (which I suspect has been updated more recently),
Twitter states, "Twitter won't show any location information unless
you've opted-in to the feature, and have allowed your device or
browser to transmit your coordinates to us," but the part about the
device or browser does not seem to apply to to the use of third-party
apps like ours. On the same page Twitter says that "Tweet With Your
Location is only available in the United States" which again does not
appear to apply to users of third party browser apps. (We are not in
the US)

We just need to know what we should tell our users. They need change
their settings by checking the box by "Tweet Location", but _not_
allow their browser to transmit their location, right? Then they can
ignore the part about 'available in US only' and _not worry_ about
accidently revealing their exact location? Can we promise them that?

Thanks, Ken

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