I'd love a list of id's for active accounts and another list of id's
for inactive ones, by some sensible criteria of activity. Publishing
this is in twitter.com's interest, admittedly for that large first and
second crawl. I'm calling this for everyone:


And I need to call it again after some time passes to determine
activity. Maybe there's a good alternative? I'm not belly-aching about
the two complete canvases, but I think i calculated that it takes my
whitelisted application 145 days to complete from now, consuming its
full allotment of 20k every hour of every day. Is that right? well
it's close.

I'm very new to the scene so please tip me off if there's a shortcut
datasource that reports inactive accounts, so i can dial api traffic
about inactives way back. i'd love a bulk appraisal of account
activity/inactivity as a binary condition or in any other flavor
(status update is another sensible source as an activity inference).
all clues appreciated.

thanks cats!


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