Any app that pages through timelines uses since_id or max_id depends
responses being ordered by tweet ID. What will be the replacement for
since_id and max_id?


Taylor Singletary wrote:

We are planning to replace our current sequential tweet ID generation
routine with a simple, more scalable solution. IDs will still be 64-bit
unsigned integers. However, this new solution is no longer guaranteed to
generate sequential IDs.  Instead IDs will be derived based on time: the
most significant bits being sourced from a timestamp and the least
significant bits will be effectively random. 


For the majority of applications we think this scheme switch will be a
non-event. Before implementing these changes, we'd like to know if your
applications currently depend on the sequential nature of IDs. Do you depend
on the density of the tweet sequence being constant?  Are you trying to
analyze the IDs as anything other than opaque, ordered identifiers? Aside
for guaranteed sequential tweet ID ordering, what APIs can we provide you to
accomplish your goals?

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