Hello people.

I have a doubt here... Can you help me?

The thing is, I created a twitter account and my own twitter
application. Than I wrote a small Ruby program that allow me to post
tweets in twitter. So, my tweets are like:

(USERNAME_HERE) Tweet from backend ruby code...
11:38 AM Mar 26th via (APPLICATION_HERE)

Where USERNAME_HERE is the username associated to the owner of the
application and the APPLICATION_HERE is the name of the application I
created. This is working.
But I want to use the same application to post tweets with different
users. Something like:

User1 message from user1
11:38 AM Mar 26th via application_test

User2 message from user2
11:39 AM Mar 26th via application_test

User3 message from user3
11:40 AM Mar 26th via application_test

So, in this case you have different users (user1, user2 and user3)
using the same application (application_test). Is this possible?



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