No batches...
We are just building a system where people input their tweets via
mobile devices. we are using the database as spool for those messages
while they are being send out to twitter.
That's why I wanted to have the same application share by different
users, so I can have tweets like this:

(User) message from (user)
11:38 AM Mar 26th via (application_name)

Do you have any kind of solution for this?

On Mar 30, 12:02 am, John Meyer <> wrote:
> On 3/29/2010 1:05 PM, Abraham Williams wrote:
> > How would it be against Twitter's TOS? A single application posting
> > statuses for multiple accounts. Sounds like many popular and well known
> > applications. If the application is misleading users or posting spam
> > then those are subject to TOS violations and actions by Twitter.
> > Since they are authenticated request the will be per user and not based
> > on the IP.
> Depends upon the use.  A program sending out multiple updates from
> various users could be construed as spam depending upon the number of
> messages.  and what triggers the twit?  Is it an item being inserted or
> run as a batch all at one time?

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