I am working on an app that updates the user's profile background
image quite often. My problem is this: I need to be able to detect if
the user has set a Twitter theme. If the user's Twitter account is
brand new and he does not change any settings, the app can detect the
Twitter theme just fine. Complications arise when he changes the
background to a graphic file and then maybe decides to change it back
to a theme. Any time after the user switches to a background image and
then back to a Twitter theme, the API reports back the old background
image (using profile_background_image_url) that the user had
previously had set before the change to the theme.

How can I detect if the user switches back to a theme at this point?
Hopefully I explained this clearly enough. It's a little confusing.

Thanks so much for your help. This is a huge issue with my app and I
would like to resolve it.

- Mike

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