Hi everyone.

This is my first message in the list, so: hi everyone! My name is
Guillermo and I'm a spanish PHP developer since 2001 and a Twitter
user since 2007.

Recently i've been invloved in some Twitter related projects and I've
had to solve Twitter's API interaction using existing libraries out
there successfully up to this date. Anyway I always miss some things
(call it oAuth/xAuth, object orientation, design patterns,
extendability...) in each of them so i started working in a new object
oriented modular library called TwiPHPr (spelled "too-ee-pher").

I've set up a github repository and written some wiki pages explaining
the goals and features, so I won't bother the list with more
explanations on the matter. I just encourage you to take a look and
share your thoughts if you will. All help will be very welcome.

The github repository is at: http://github.com/ggalmazor/twiphpr

Regard to everyone.

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