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>     • popular tweets in search - twitter is increasingly being relied
> upon to be the place for relevant real-time information. most
> end-users would say that a time indexed search stream is not as
> valuable. as you all can probably tell, keeping a real time search
> index operational is hard enough, but imagine keeping a service
> running that is simultaneously delivering relevant results along with
> time indexed results. that's significantly harder.

Ah, see, *this* is the conversation *I* want! ;-) For example, search marketing 
is a well-established branch of online marketing, and both Google and Microsoft 
provide tools for marketers that tell them what people search for. Microsoft 
even provides tools that do a half-way decent job of distinguishing between 
people who are "just looking" and people who are searching with "commercial 
intention". They also measure this internally and use it to tweak their 
indexing algorithms so they balance the needs of the seekers and the sellers. 
Maybe it's on Twitter's road map to provide "Twitter Search Keyword Tools", and 
then again, maybe it isn't. Maybe Twitter doesn't want to be a search marketing 
platform. ;-) 

All I'm saying is that it isn't just a technical problem - if your data say 
that Twitter Search users - seekers, since there don't appear to be provisions 
for sellers yet - that popularity is how they want to rank tweets, and by 
extension, tweeters, for relevance, then that's what you should go with. 
Because the third-party monitoring outfits have migrated or will migrate to 
Streaming and will do the indexing their clients require. And they'll pay 
Twitter for the access levels they need to meet their clients' requirements. 

And if you don't *have* data, well ... ;-)

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