Thanks, good feedback.

Yep, it is always preferable to be explicit about specifying the
intent. API versioning and explicit options are both good ways of
doing that. The kerfuffle around the popular searches being injected
happened exactly because there was previously no way to specify
intent. Thus, there was an implicit intent in the search API behavior
that the developers came to trust. Now we feel as if a rug is somewhat
being pulled from under us.

To be fair, though, if popular tweets being included by default BREAKS
anybody's app in the technical sense, then maybe it's time to look in
the mirror or your code. My app won't be affected by it and will
continue to operate just fine. If I want, I could just add extra value
to my users by presenting the popular search somehow differently, but
if not, it continues to be just a bunch of results, all the same. "Be
liberal in what you accept" (
Robustness_principle) is a good rule to follow with Twitter API as
with any external data.


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