Hi Arnaud & All

I'm also making the trip across the Atlantic with a group of Brits
under the heading of the Developer Mission:

Please get in touch with me off list if any of you are also travelling
a long way to get to San Francisco. We have a bunch of activities
planned including meetups, campus tours and meals between 12th and
19th and we have room for a few more to join us.

We just released the first wave of ticket's to Europe's Unofficial
Twitter Developer Unconference in London on the 8th and 9th of May.
They were all allocated in under an hour but we'll be releasing more
soon. Details at http://warblecamp.eventbrite.com

Also coming up on the evening 20th of April is the 8th Twitter
Developer Nest in London. More details and free tickets available at

I'm particularly looking forward to the hackday part of Chirp and the
opportunity to hear about what other people in the ecosystem are
working on. I'm looking at building a one page app that we can use to
get a quick daily snap shot of all the things going on in the Twitter
developer ecosystem from this Google Group, to GitHub, StackOverflow
and Twitter. If I get the chance I'll also be adding some refinements
to a soon to be launched app I'm woking on - http://smidgn.com

See you next week!


On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 7:13 PM, Arnaud Meunier
<arnaud.meun...@twitoaster.com> wrote:
> Dear Developers,
> I'm sure we’re a lot - in this group - to have our ticket for Chirp,
> and I wanted to launch a thread so we could know each other a little
> better, before the conference starts.
> The conference looks very promising on a technical side: we’re going
> to learn from the expert, practice during the hack day... Now, I don't
> know for you, but as great as it looks like, another reason that
> pushed me to do this 6,000 miles trip (coming from Paris), is actually
> to meet YOU guys!
> So I would love to learn more about "my fellow Chirp attendees" the
> official website is mentioning! Where are you coming from? Which
> projects are you working on? What are you interested in (concerning
> the conference and/or in general)?
> We’re going to be a lot there (something like 800 people if I remember
> well), but for a short time and in a very busy schedule. That’s why I
> thought it would be interesting to start the conversation,
> presentation and “who’s who” game before.
> On my side, I’m a 26 years old French Engineer and I created my own
> company to focus on IT consulting and (mainly on) Twitoaster (http://
> twitoaster.com). It will be my first time in San Francisco, and I’d
> love to meet other developers to chat around Twitter projects, talk
> about our experiences, exchange ideas... I’ll arrive the 13th (will do
> my best to be at pre-chirp conf) and I’ll stay at the Orchard Hotel.
> Concerning the conference, I’m particularly curious about the
> Monetization part; and the Media Ecosystem development (but this part
> recently disappeared from the schedule). I’m also wondering how I’ll
> manage to stay awake for 48h+ :)
> Arnaud Meunier - http://twitter.com/twitoaster
> Twitoaster - http://twitoaster.com
> PS: For those who would have missed them, here are a couple of links
> about the conference:
> - Pre Chirp Conference: http://bit.ly/akOk0R
> - Hack day collaboration: http://bit.ly/cD3KAJ
> - Attendees list: http://bit.ly/9IeEmo & http://bit.ly/byKOjS
> - Attendees conversations: http://bit.ly/98nvAr
> - Questions for the speakers: http://bit.ly/aakPUN
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