I actually would consider buying these tickets, but 5 days notice;
that's not so good for non-locals.

Thanks for trying to make it affordable to mailing list folks, tho.

Ed Finkler
AIM: funka7ron / ICQ: 3922133 / XMPP:funkat...@gmail.com

On Apr 10, 9:18 pm, Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> Wanted to let you know that we have finalized the schedule for Hack Day
> sessions at Chirp. We're really excited about the content and would love to
> have you there. Also, each session has a Google Moderator section setup so
> you can get your questions in ahead of time. Be sure to add your questions
> so the speakers know what to talk to:http://bit.ly/dbpnXZ
> Hack Day tickets are still available and we're providing a 50% discount for
> the first 100 registrations from the mailing list. Please don't share this
> outside of this listhttp://chirp.eventbrite.com/?discount=DEVTALK10
> Hopefully see you next week! Best, rs
> *Quick Agenda for Hack Day*
> *Apr 14th*
> - 6pm - Hack Day registration, dinner and drinks
> - 8pm - Ignite Chirp hosted by Brady Forrest
> - 9pm+ - Hacking for the night owls
> *Apr 15th*
> - 8am - 10am - Registration and breakfast (Registration is open all day)
> - 10am - Welcome with Ron Conway
> - 10:15am - 5pm - Sessions start and go all day with a lunch you shouldn't
> miss
> - 5pm - App Showcase with Marissa Mayer, Paul Graham and Philip Kaplan.
> Moderated by Jason Goldman (@goldman)
> - 9pm - Chirp Party at 1015 Folsom
> *Hack Day Sessions*
> *Twitter Streaming API Architecture and What's Next* #chirpstream with John
> Kalucki
> *Eating our own Dogfood: Designing Twitter Mobile Web* #chirpmobile with
> Leland Rechis
> *We Have Faith In (Most of) You: How Twitter Crafts Policies to Allow Good
> Apps to Thrive* #chirppolicy with Del Harvey
> *Office Hours: Twitter Platform Team* with Ryan Sarver, Doug Williams, Raffi
> Krikorian, Mark McBride, Dana Contreras, Isaac Hepworth, Marcel Molina,
> Taylor Singletary, Todd Kloots, Wilhelm Bierbaum
> *Office Hours: Design/UX *with Doug Bowman, Zhanna Shamis, Britt Selvitelle,
> Patrck Ewing, Mark Trammel, Vitor Lourenço, Mark Otto, Coleen Baik
> *Integrating @anywhere* #chirpanywhere with Todd Kloots, Dustin Diaz, Dan
> Webb, Russ D'Sa
> *Effective Use of the Twitter Search API *#chirpsearch with Eric Jensen
> *Analyzing Big Data at Twitter* #chirpdata with Kevin Weil
> *Office Hours: Working at Twitter* @jointheflock with Oliver Ryan,
> Bernadette Coh, Jamie Narva, Michelle Gale, Morgan Missentzis, Olivia
> Watkins
> *Office Hours: The Electronic Frontier Foundation* with Marcia Hofmann, Kurt
> Opsahl, Cindy Cohn, Fred von Lohmann
> *Twitter, Media, and Kanye's Exploding Head* #chirpmedia with Chloe Sladden,
> Robin Sloan
> *Too many secrets, but never enough: Twitter OAuth *#chirpoauth with Taylor
> Singletary, Raffi Krikorian
> *Changing Engines Mid-flight: Moving Twitter from MySQL to
> Cassandra*#chirpcassandra with Ryan King
> *Birds of a Feather: Real-Time Search* with Doug Cook
> *Office Hours: Trademark Policy and Branding Guidelines *with Jillian West,
> Jeremy Kessel, Francesca Helena, Tim Yip, Bakari Brock
> *The How and Why of Scala at Twitter* #chirpscala with Alex Payne
> *"What's happening?" to "What's happening here?"* #chirpgeo with Raffi
> Krikorian
> *Thinking in Streams: Patterns for Stream Processing* #chirpstream with John
> Kalucki
> *Meet and Greet: Founders* with Evan Williams and Biz Stone
> *Office Hours: Twitter Corp and Business Development* with Elizabeth Weil,
> Doug Williams, Isaac Hepworth, Bakari Brock, Jessica Verrilli
> *Billions of Hits: Scaling Twitter* #chirpscale with John Adams
> *Twitter International* #chirpintl with Matt Sanford
> *All Aboard? Turning Users into Active Users* #chirponboard with Josh Elman
> *Meet and Greet: Funding* with David Cohen, Paul Graham, Ron Conway
> *Birds of a Feather: Media Curation* with Chloe Sladden and Robin Sloan

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