Hey all,

Wanted to let you know that we have finalized the schedule for Hack Day
sessions at Chirp. We're really excited about the content and would love to
have you there. Also, each session has a Google Moderator section setup so
you can get your questions in ahead of time. Be sure to add your questions
so the speakers know what to talk to: http://bit.ly/dbpnXZ

Hack Day tickets are still available and we're providing a 50% discount for
the first 100 registrations from the mailing list. Please don't share this
outside of this list

Hopefully see you next week! Best, rs

*Quick Agenda for Hack Day*
*Apr 14th*
- 6pm - Hack Day registration, dinner and drinks
- 8pm - Ignite Chirp hosted by Brady Forrest
- 9pm+ - Hacking for the night owls

*Apr 15th*
- 8am - 10am - Registration and breakfast (Registration is open all day)
- 10am - Welcome with Ron Conway
- 10:15am - 5pm - Sessions start and go all day with a lunch you shouldn't
- 5pm - App Showcase with Marissa Mayer, Paul Graham and Philip Kaplan.
Moderated by Jason Goldman (@goldman)
- 9pm - Chirp Party at 1015 Folsom

*Hack Day Sessions*
*Twitter Streaming API Architecture and What's Next* #chirpstream with John
*Eating our own Dogfood: Designing Twitter Mobile Web* #chirpmobile with
Leland Rechis
*We Have Faith In (Most of) You: How Twitter Crafts Policies to Allow Good
Apps to Thrive* #chirppolicy with Del Harvey
*Office Hours: Twitter Platform Team* with Ryan Sarver, Doug Williams, Raffi
Krikorian, Mark McBride, Dana Contreras, Isaac Hepworth, Marcel Molina,
Taylor Singletary, Todd Kloots, Wilhelm Bierbaum
*Office Hours: Design/UX *with Doug Bowman, Zhanna Shamis, Britt Selvitelle,
Patrck Ewing, Mark Trammel, Vitor Lourenço, Mark Otto, Coleen Baik

*Integrating @anywhere* #chirpanywhere with Todd Kloots, Dustin Diaz, Dan
Webb, Russ D'Sa
*Effective Use of the Twitter Search API *#chirpsearch with Eric Jensen
*Analyzing Big Data at Twitter* #chirpdata with Kevin Weil
*Office Hours: Working at Twitter* @jointheflock with Oliver Ryan,
Bernadette Coh, Jamie Narva, Michelle Gale, Morgan Missentzis, Olivia
*Office Hours: The Electronic Frontier Foundation* with Marcia Hofmann, Kurt
Opsahl, Cindy Cohn, Fred von Lohmann

*Twitter, Media, and Kanye's Exploding Head* #chirpmedia with Chloe Sladden,
Robin Sloan
*Too many secrets, but never enough: Twitter OAuth *#chirpoauth with Taylor
Singletary, Raffi Krikorian
*Changing Engines Mid-flight: Moving Twitter from MySQL to
Cassandra*#chirpcassandra with Ryan King
*Birds of a Feather: Real-Time Search* with Doug Cook
*Office Hours: Trademark Policy and Branding Guidelines *with Jillian West,
Jeremy Kessel, Francesca Helena, Tim Yip, Bakari Brock

*The How and Why of Scala at Twitter* #chirpscala with Alex Payne
*"What's happening?" to "What's happening here?"* #chirpgeo with Raffi
*Thinking in Streams: Patterns for Stream Processing* #chirpstream with John
*Meet and Greet: Founders* with Evan Williams and Biz Stone
*Office Hours: Twitter Corp and Business Development* with Elizabeth Weil,
Doug Williams, Isaac Hepworth, Bakari Brock, Jessica Verrilli

*Billions of Hits: Scaling Twitter* #chirpscale with John Adams
*Twitter International* #chirpintl with Matt Sanford
*All Aboard? Turning Users into Active Users* #chirponboard with Josh Elman
*Meet and Greet: Funding* with David Cohen, Paul Graham, Ron Conway
*Birds of a Feather: Media Curation* with Chloe Sladden and Robin Sloan

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