Eric, I disagree.  This just means they've put us on notice that if our apps
completely revolve around Twitter we risk going into competition with them.
 I don't think there's anything wrong with that, although it is frustrating,
I agree (this is nothing new - they've been doing this for the last 3
years).  The way to succeed on the Twitter platform is to build apps that
don't rely on Twitter, but instead use Twitter as a complement to their own
ecosystem.  Your app should be its own platform, relying on other platforms
to complement it, not the other way around.  I think that's what Twitter is
trying to iterate here, and we see that with the coming advent of @anywhere.
 I love that they're finally being clear on this, as frustrating as it is
for those it affects directly (although the writing's been on the wall for
awhile now - I certainly have complained many times about this).


On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Eric Woodward <> wrote:

> Ryan,
> Thanks for clarifying, finally, at least. Rebranded Twitter or not,
> Tweetie as owned and developed by Twitter basically reinforces and
> confirms everything that we posted on the Nambu blog this morning:
> Twitter will take anything significant built around Twitter for
> itself, 100%.
> Twitter is now officially developing native applications on three
> platforms: iPhone OS, OSX and Blackberry, all free. Simply brutal. But
> I am not nearly affected as the iPhone developers. They should be
> rightfully livid that Twitter moved to wipe them out and take all
> advertising revenue (iAd and other stuff) on the iPhone and iPad for
> themselves rather than share it, as almost all other platforms do.
> Pretty sad. Make no mistake, "Twitter for iPhone" will take all
> significant market share, and there is nothing any of the developers
> there that have done great work can do about it. If you do not see
> this, you do not understand the basics of business.
> Making Tweetie free is pretty brutal as well, but only because Twitter
> is doing it. Everyone else should be put on notice that you will be
> next, as we have been.
> Mr. Wilson and Twitter, with these moves, and have basically told
> everyone of competence that they must accept their development efforts
> as only ending up as a nice lifestyle business. Anything more, and
> Twitter will move to take it from you, simple as that.
> --ejw
> Eric Woodward
> Email:
> On Apr 12, 10:39 am, Michael Macasek <> wrote:
> > Ryan,
> >
> > Great news thanks for the update!
> >
> > Jesse,
> >
> > Well said.
> >
> > On Apr 12, 10:40 am, Ryan Sarver <> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > > One more from me. People have been asking for specific details around
> > > Tweetie for Mac and I wanted to make sure we clearly message our plans
> > > as we know it. To be clear, Tweetie for the iPhone and it's developer,
> > > Loren Brichter, were the focus of our acquisition, but as part of the
> > > deal we also got Tweetie for Mac.
> >
> > > Loren had been hard at work on a new version of Tweetie for Mac that
> > > he was going to release soon. Our plan is to still release the new
> > > version and it will continue to be called Tweetie (not renamed to
> > > Twitter). We will also discontinue the paid version.
> >
> > > Hope that's clear. Please let me know if you have any questions.
> >
> > > Best, Ryan
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