Hi Guillermo,

You'll want to go to http://twitter.com/oauth and adjust your clients to
have write access there for the time being. We'll re-enable the ability to
toggle that status in edit mode on the dev portal soon.

In the brave new world, all applications are read/write applications.
Without fine-grained per-resource control, there's very little use in being
black and white on read/write operations in totality.

Personally, I think it's best to create an entirely new application record
for @Anywhere. Separate concerns.

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 3:46 PM, Guillermo Esteves <g...@gesteves.com> wrote:

> Hey,
> I have a quick question regarding @anywhere. Let's just say that we're
> very excited about it here where I work, and as soon as I learnt that
> it was alive I started working on integrating them to a few sites,
> starting with my own blog, just to try it out. Five minutes later, I
> had already integrated hovercards, follow buttons and a tweet box, and
> it was fantastic… except for the fact that I can't tweet or do
> anything with the hovercards. I assume it's because my application has
> a "read-only" access level, but I don't see a setting to change it or
> any information about this.
> What can I do to get write access to my apps?
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