You can visit for a wordpress/drupal plugin
for @anywhere functionality.  Apture has been serving up @anywhere
behavior for over a year in a single line of javascript.

On Apr 16, 2:45 pm, Robby Grossman <> wrote:
> A Wordpress plugin makes a lot of sense, as it would let non-
> developers easily integrate with it. I was going to look over the docs
> this weekend to see what would be involved in writing a generic
> @anywhere plugin for hosted Wordpress installs.
> --Robby
> On Apr 16, 2:09 am, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <> wrote:
> > Are there any plugins for @anywhere that will run on Drupal and
> > WordPress? My blog is on WordPress, and I want to get rid of as many
> > non-Twitter gizmos and widgets as possible. I'll be keeping AddToAny,
> > since it goes to Developer Zone, and I'll be keeping Twitoaster, since
> > it threads conversations. But I'm ditching Topsy and a couple of
> > others as soon as I can get @anywhere running.
> > I don't know the details of the Drupal site yet - I need to meet with
> > them and see if they want to do @anywhere. P.S.: If you blog for
> > developers, I highly recommend posting to Developer Zone. I get more
> > traffic to my blog that way than anywhere else. I've had 800-visitor
> > days just from them.
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