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> Are there any plugins for @anywhere that will run on Drupal and
> WordPress? My blog is on WordPress, and I want to get rid of as many
> non-Twitter gizmos and widgets as possible. I'll be keeping AddToAny,
> since it goes to Developer Zone, and I'll be keeping Twitoaster, since
> it threads conversations. But I'm ditching Topsy and a couple of
> others as soon as I can get @anywhere running.

We at Technorious have developed a wordpress plugin for our blog which
we would like to share with everyone. The plugin currently only
supports Twitter Anywhere.
It gives you full control on where and how to display the linkify
links, hovercards or followbuttons.

We are working on adding Twitter Connect feature to it.

You can get the current version of the plugin from:

The plugin is still not on wordpress.org we are waiting to hear from

Feedback is more then welcome.

Hameedullah Khan

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