its definitely something we're thinking about - but that's going to be after
we get them on status objects.  status objects are easier as they will be
immutable -- user objects will need mutable annotations.

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 7:23 AM, Josh Bleecher Snyder

> I know you guys have plenty on your plates, just curious if it was on
> the roadmap. :)
> Sample use case (one I particularly want): Tweetie on my phone and
> Tweetie on my laptop could easily stay synced about where in my tweet
> stream I have read to. Other features like saved searches and lists
> could easily have begun life as user annotations. Generally lots of
> client data (prefs, settings, state) could be stored where it belongs,
> in the cloud, making it less transient, easier to
> migrate/sync/import/share, etc.
> Really excited about annotations -- thanks!
> Josh
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