On Apr 29, 6:35 pm, Matt McGee <m...@mattmcgee.com> wrote:
> But ... as you can see in the first sentence of the article, the
> mention of our site name is also linked to a hovercard for @U2.

I don't have @anywhere set up yet so can't test this, but I wonder if
you could insert a non-printable character between @ and U2, eg:
 - @&#x200c;U2
 - @&#xad;U2 (this could potentially cause @ and U2 to be separate if
they appear at the end of a line in a browser supporting hyphenation
like Safari or Opera)
 - @&#x202F;

The pattern match in xd_receiver.js appears to look for @[a-zA-Z0-9_]
so if you can get something between the "@" and "U2" then the
hovercard should cease getting linked.

You might also try preceding the @ with these characters, but I don't
think that would work.

-ed costello

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