I keep wondering if we can discuss data. We're all driving data API's
and some of us must save the data as we gather it. I'm gathering the
social graph (which accounts read which accounts). I'm sure many
people gather many datatypes and metrics. It makes some everybody-wins
sense to me to trade or share data.

for example, today i can offer 17million who-i-read datasets collected
over the last 4 months.

and i want:
a list of active accounts, by id, by some sensible metric. (a list of
inactive accounts would equally help.)
a list of tweets-per-year metrics, perhaps derived by extrapolating
from the oldest of the 20-status api calls.

i'm sure there's a variety of usage information i could apply, so i'm
curious what you've collected.

In summary, my topic isn't the API, it's a valuable byproduct of using
the API. I realize there are so many scenarios, and not everyone is
warehousing data. I'm also particularly keen on keeping valuable data
away from spammers. But those who collect data for valuable software
ought to build a clearinghouse, and build data-sharing relationships
so we all hit Twitter less and serve the community better.

What do you think?

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