Hello Everyone,

While looking at creating a python twitter app, I noticed that the
combination of twitter api access and oauth authentication was a bit
spread out over many projects.  I decided to consolidate everything
into a single area.  The work I currently have available as both a 0.2
release and svn source repository can be found here:


Requirements are:


Both of these are available using easy_install.  Please note that
there is a chance this all works on Windows, but I've only tested it
on a Linux system.

There is a sample python script included that shows how to go through
a basic oauth pin-based authorization workflow, then make a simple API

Regarding the API itself, it is currently in the basic stages of
development, and still require things like test cases and proper error
handling.  To put it simply, if the API goes 503 error on you, a nice
unhandled exception will appear before you.  Also, I'm adding wrapper
functions that are easier to work with around the generic ApiCall

If you need to access an API call that does not yet have an equivalent
wrapper function, you can simply use the ApiCall function to call
whatever it is. I'll be adding more wrapper functions as I get the

Patches and other developers are welcome. While I check this email
address every now and then, please note that Issues should be directed
to the Google Code Issue tracker.  Feel free to file enhancement
requests, but note that getting all the wrapper calls up, proper error
handling, and test cases are my number one priority at this point.

- Konpaku Kogasa

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